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Goodbye to the costly months spent on recruitment — partner-ready in days.

Break free from blindly trusting agency deliverables — risk-controlled alternative.

No more locked-in scenarios — avoid co-founder conflicts and ownership loss.

Don't settle for mediocre talent — gain access to engineers that fuel growth.

Bid farewell to high burn rates, VCs, and loans — opt for a product-led strategy.

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Embrace time efficiency — collaborate with a technical specialist in days, not months.

Ensure quality and control risk — our expertise safeguards your investment.

Enjoy flexibility — month-to-month engagement that suits your evolving needs.

Access top-tier talent — provides you with seasoned leadership to drive results.

Experience cost-effectiveness — pay for what you need, when you need it, not more.

On Demand Service

Hire a freelance Staff Software Engineer with a focus on day-to-day adaptability, I offer a versatile skill set tailored to meet the dynamic requirements of your startup.

Whether it's hands-on crafting intricate coding solutions, particularly specializing in JavaScript technologies such as React, Node, and TypeScript, or seek assistance in constructing a high-performing team that consistently delivers top-notch solutions, I am well-equipped to steward the challenges of your technology organisation.

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We're happy to speak to founders, entrepreneurs, investors, agencies, skilled professionals or anyone else who wants to learn more about us.

Engineering Consulting Calls

An experienced engineering leader to help coach executives on how to build an effective product & engineering organisation from A to Z.

On Demand Answers

You're got a million questions and decisions. You need someone with the experience who has your back. Ask unlimited questions via Slack.

Freelance Staff Software Engineer

We've dealt with all the problems you're facing. We'll help you build a high performing team and product for a fraction of the time & cost.

Simple & Modern Software Development

We specialise in full-stack JavaScript with a focus on React, React Native, Node, and AWS. We can modernise your codebase from tech debt.

Outcome Driven Development

We'll help you build your product and team. We'll work with you to define the outcomes you want to achieve and we'll work with you to achieve them.

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